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About Profiscience

Pronounced pro-fish-in-see, our mission is to help law firms

  • produce better lawyers
  • win more business
  • operate more efficiently
  • get more value from technology
  • serve clients more securely
  • and comply with laws, policies, and regulations
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A best-of-breed Learning Management System, UniversitySite has helped law firms

  • consume 5 million on-demand courses
  • conduct 2 million live seminars
  • orchestrate 3 million hours of learning
  • and track training and compliance for
    • onboarding new employees
    • security awareness
    • software rollouts
    • and professional development
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CLESite for Lawyers

Compliance Dashboards that help lawyers

  • know their jurisdictional compliance obligations
  • keep track of their approaching deadlines
  • be aware of their compliance status
  • record their attendance learning activity
  • and organize their CLE certificates
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CLESite for CLE Coordinators

Tools that help CLE Coordinators with

  • questions about CLE rules
  • fielding questions from lawyers about compliance status
  • providing lawyers with solutions for reaching compliance
  • tracking compliance deadlines
  • monitoring and nudging lawyers at risk of missing deadlines
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CLESite for CLE Providers

Tools that help CLE Providers with

  • organizing and promoting firm-sponsored CLE programs
  • sending invitations, tracking RSVPs, and sending reminders
  • hosting live CLE Programs
  • publishing recordings of CLE programs
  • issuing CLE Certificates
  • and organizing and retaining CLE program records
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Law Firm Customers

Over the past ten years, Profiscience has developed an impressive clientele mostly made up of law firms with 200 to 5,000 employees.

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I used UniversitySite for seven years and watched with pleasure as it was continually enhanced, incorporating several of our own suggestions. It is feature-rich, flexible, and easy to implement and use. Learners and management can easily track progress, and reporting options are comprehensive, with easy export to Excel for additional options. Customer support has always been excellent. I happily recommend UniversitySite as an excellent LMS for law firms.
Kitty Aggett
Manager, Technical Training at Stikeman Elliott in Toronto
My firm uses UniversitySite, and we find it invaluable. It holds all of our training records, manages our invitations, and it even manages our major technology upgrades. It allows me, the trainer, to be able to coordinate all aspects of a rollout with our help desk team, including training and when to swap PCs from the old version to the new. We also use UniversitySite to maintain all of our attorney CLE records. I've received support mainly from Daniel. He is super helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable. Our users have a requirement to earn 12 personal development hours per year, and they use the Learning Center to hold that information. I would definitely recommend this software. I've used it at two different law firms. When I left the first and came to the current firm, purchasing this software was a condition of my new employment. Support is excellent.
Evelyn Amundson
Manager of Training and Support at Whyte Hirshcboeck Dudek in Milwaukee
I didn't realize how well that UniversitySite was going to work within our law firm environment! To begin with, the initial setup and install was a breeze. Then we started creating our interactive videos using Adobe Captivate and uploading them to our LMS environment. People LOVED them! It makes learning so much more fun, and users can re-enforce topics they need to review at ANY time. It reduces calls to our help desk because it allows employees to figure out how to do things on their own.
Dan Bressler
Technical Trainer/Systems Engineer/Help Desk Support at Broad and Cassel in Orlando
We’ve had our UniversitySite active for a couple of years now, and we love it. We’ve added tons of content which can be accessed by all of our users from their own desks. We can send links to a particular tutorial, and also schedule instructor-led classes using the calendar, which automates sign-up and greatly reduces the number of emails we receive. Being able to track who has taken classes/tutorials is very helpful when scheduling ongoing training.
Janice Calfee
Practice Systems Analyst at Balch & Bingham in Birmingham
UniveristySite makes it extremely easy for me to schedule training sessions, upload materials, manage content and share reports with management. The learners find it convenient, user-friendly and enjoy that they have content and training at their fingertips any time of the day. The experience with UniversitySite Support is professional and expedient.
Gail Cardner
Experienced Development and Training Manager * Applications Coach * Change Agent in Portland
UniversitySite has been a huge timesaver for me. Having individuals signup for their own sessions has greatly reduced my administrative time in setting up training sessions and the ability to track attendance and run reports is fantastic. Another great benefit is just housing all of our training materials into one location. We have just really dipped our toe into all the capabilities of the software, but are truly pleased. We can't wait to add more!
Valerie Cook
Corporate Trainer at Clark Hill in Detroit
We are currently using UniversitySite and InstructorSite. These products have helped me easily post classes, invite, remind and track attendance. I have also used the product to create Learning Plans so that people can see the eLearning categorized by topic and can review the eLearning at their own pace. It is also extremely easy to create classes and post them to the calendar. I never have to worry about people being reminded to attend, as the system sends them a reminder email automatically and when I mark they have attended a box pops up reminding me to send them a survey. I would highly recommend using this tool as it is great for managing content, scheduling classes and running reports. Working with the Profiscience team has always been great. I never have to wait for a response on anything; no matter how minor or complex the question. My suggestion to a client who may be on the fence as to whether or not they should go with the product: Go for it! It will make your life so much easier!
Sandra Cutler
Course Developer and Training Specialist at Sullivan & Worcester in Boston
UniversitySite is the primary source for our firm's Learning Management. Very easy to use and update.
Scott Dowell
Training Manager at Rogers & Hardin in Atlanta
I found UniversitySite easy to learn and to use. Any time I had questions or suggestions they were met with positive interest. I have seen this product consistently rise to a client's needs and I believe this to be one of the best learning management systems available today.
Anita Evans
Legal Technical Trainer in Seattle
UniversitySite was great when we got it and has gotten better ever since. It is a huge time saver for scheduling and managing courses and enrollment. We rebranded it CSU - Cox Smith University and this year the firm is undertaking a huge technology up-skilling initiative so to aid in this endeavor we purchased SkillSite for assessments and learning plans to pair with UniversitySite. We've rarely needed support to fix a problem or error but when we do they are always prompt with responses, fixes or solutions. When our assessment project started we were under great time constraints. Profiscience helped us meet all of our deadlines. We wouldn't have been able to pull off a huge technology rollout across 5 cities without having UniversitySite and SkillSite. The fact that UniversitySite meets all our needs and is stable, dependable, and multi-functional is just a trainers dream! If you are looking for a LMS, I would highly recommend UniversitySite and Profiscience. In IT we all know who our vendors are that provide an outstanding product and support - the ones we just don't have to worry about - Profiscience and UniversitySite is that vendor and that product for us.
Janet Waldon Garza
Training Coordinator at Cox Smith in San Antonio
We have been using UniversitySite since 2006. It has become the most important application to our training group. We use it to schedule and track in-house workshops, e-learning, external training classes, and skill assessments. It is very flexible and easy to use for admins as well as end users. Profiscience support is outstanding. We are excited to get the SharePoint Learning Kit up and running soon. We also use SkillSite for our skill assessments which ties right into UniversitySite.
Darla Glab
Manager, Project Management Office at Neal, Gerber & Eisenberg in Chicago
We use the SharePoint Learning Kit to surface elements of UniversitySite in strategic locations of our intranet. Learners find training content and information where they are, instead of searching for our LMS page.
Tony Hartsfield
Regional Team Lead, Learning Systems at Bryan Cave in St. Louis
Any law firm looking for an LMS, should look no further. This is the one you want!
Craig Huggart
Contract Legal Trainer | Speaker | Consultant in Birmingham
I've been working with UniversitySite since I started at the firm over 6 years ago. I very rarely get calls about issues with the application - it is very stable. When there is an issue, I've had nothing but good experiences working with the support staff at Profiscience. I have also been involved with several upgrades over the years and they have all gone smoothly due to clear instructions and great support. So, from my perspective, I can highly recommend UniversitySite.
Joe Kelley
Senior Business Systems Analyst at Epstein Becker & Green in New York
We use UniversitySite for our Learning Management System to facilitate easy registration for instructor led courses as well as publication of our eLearning material. At the end of the year we can run reports for HR to identify who has attended what courses and what eLearning they have completed. I would recommend this product to anyone looking to implement a user friendly LMS - both on the front and back end. When I have had to contact support at Profiscience, they have always responded quickly with complete answers to my questions. Excellent product and excellent company to deal with.
Judy McAuliffe
Manager, Training & QA at Bennett Jones in Calgary
UniversitySite is an incredible learning management system for both trainers and learners. Trainers can easily schedule a class in one or multiple locations targeting specific job titles and even offering credits for the class. In addition, you can upload handouts, eLearning’s, movies and recorded WebEx’s. Learners can browse through the monthly calendar or do a quick search. With a couple of clicks they can register for a class.
Sharon Miller
Learning Manager at Butler Snow in Jackson
I used UniversitySite for seven years and watched with pleasure as it was continually enhanced, incorporating several of our own suggestions. It is feature-rich, flexible, and easy to implement and use. Learners and management can easily track progress, and reporting options are comprehensive, with easy export to Excel for additional options. Customer support has always been excellent. I happily recommend UniversitySite as an excellent LMS for law firms.
Karnie Moesenthin
Technical Training and Development Professional (Retired) at Leonard, Street and Deinard in Minneapolis
Being a trainer for over eight years, I have had the opportunity to use several different Learning Management Systems. UniversitySite is, by far, the most user friendly and efficient.
Patricia Salvio
Senior Technical Trainer at Crowell & Moring in New York
I found UniversitySite easy to use and intuitive both on the user end and as an administrator. The application runs smoothly and working with the vendor staff is an enjoyable, productive and always a pleasant experience. This group of people get their product, understand what their users' needs are and how to most effective and efficiently get you to your end result.
Cindy Remley
Learning & Development Specialist at Faegre Baker Daniels in Indianapolis
UniversitySite allows a company to organize its training courses into curriculum targeted to specific audiences. The improvements made to the product make it better and better for our staff to locate just the training they need. Support from Profiscience is also awesome! We can easily contact someone and obtain rapid answers for our questions. We recently moved to "the Cloud" and are very excited about never having to do an upgrade!
Dede Ricard
Applications Trainer at McGlinchey Stafford in New Orleans
As a training coordinator, users ask me about classes they should take to learn certain tasks. UniversitySite provides features and tools to design the perfect blended learning curriculum for users to learn at their own pace. The learning plans make it easy for users to gain the knowledge they need without searching a catalog of courses to figure it out for themselves.
Carolyn Sneed
Technology Professional Development Coordinator at Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld in Dallas
UniversitySite meets our needs and it's easy to use for both end users, trainers, and administrators.
Nick Stanziani
eLearning Specialist at Duane Morris in Philadelphia
UniversitySite has a good flexibility for different class types and venues; it is intuitive to set up on the instructor end, and has good ease of use for the learner. I am pleased with the support; it is prompt and they work hard to accommodate special requests.
Jennifer Thomas
Content Developer/Application Specialist at Haynes and Boone in Dallas
UniversitySite has made creation of courses, credits, invitations, attendance, feedback and learning plans easy. Reports containing the history needed for class attendance can be quickly accessed through InstructorSite. The calendar is a life saver which includes reminders for the instructor as well as attendees in all of our offices. ScormFly allows uploading videos I create to be viewed with credit for eLearning. Profiscience is also readily available to answer questions.
Sarah Welch
Technology Trainer at Gardere Wynne Sewell LLP in Dallas
We purchased UniversitySite before a technology rollout and it was a great pre-training site for our users; however, I didn’t have much time to familiarize myself with it before that rollout. Now, five years later, I couldn’t live without it. We are doing our second rollout and with UniversitySite and InstructorSite I can schedule all the classes in all eight offices. I have assigned learning plans and have been able to track the learners’ progress. They are able to track their own progress, register for classes and view the required videos. I receive valuable feedback from the classes they have attended or viewed. We’ve moved UniversitySite’s cloud service making my job that much easier. I have always received a prompt reply to any problems or questions. I would recommend UniversitySite to any Firm, small or large.
Elizabeth Wilson
Learning & Development Coordinator at McNair in Columbia
We have been using UniversitySite as our LMS for several years, and have found it essential in our training initiatives. The SharePoint Learning Kit has enabled us to create unique front-end that allows our users to locate the training courses they want very simply while allowing us to track their progress with ease.
Kevin Wind
Manager of Technology Training at Nixon Peabody in Rochester
UniversitySite is an awesome tool giving end-users direct access to knowledge, specific training requests and e-learning. It's a Trainer's dream tool that can be used to introduce training opportunities in a variety of ways. Not everyone is comfortable learning in a group setting and some learn only when they can train at their own pace. UniversitySite is a win-win for the Firm, the Employees and the Trainer!
Becky Winn
Technology Support Services Manager at Munsch Hardt Kopf & Harr in Dallas
Profiscience has been our LMS partner for six years now and we have been delighted with their products and customer service. Michael's team is innovative, knowledgeable and responsive to our needs and has been so since we began our search for an LMS. In addition to the usual offerings of IT training and onboarding sessions, and managing e-learning, our firm uses UniversitySite to manage blood drives, flu shots, nutrition coaching and financial planning seminars. With Profiscience, the sky's the limit!
Manager of IT Training at a large law firm in New York