UniversitySite Apps

UniversitySite is a set of apps that work together to streamline training for onboarding new employees, software rollouts, prescriptive training, continuing education, compliance, and professional development.

LearningSite Request a demo

LearningSite is used by employees to register for training events, watch training videos, and work through their learning plans.

How our clients use LearningSite:

Classroom Training

Using LearningSite, employees can find out when training classes are scheduled, and they can register for them with a single click. Class communications and reminders are automated, and updates are automatically generated and sent out as changes occur.

Our employees use LearningSite to browse and register for our upcoming training classes. They also use the system to request training. When they sign up for a training class, it is automatically added to their Outlook calendar and it sends them reminders, which helps to reduce the number of no-shows.
Technology Trainer

New Hire Training

LearningSite helps organizations reduce the amount of time spent onboarding new employees.

New employees spend time during their first few days attending our new hire orientation program, then we introduce them to LearningSite which they use to work through a learning plan that completes their training. They have 90 days to complete training and LearningSite keeps track of their deadline and periodically reminds them what they need to do next.
Manager, Technical Training

Video Library

LearningSite provides employees access to training videos and eLearning on demand.

We wanted our employees to have access to learning resources 24x7 so we publish videos in LearningSite from three distinct sources. First, we record and publish our live training sessions in LearningSite. We also create and publish eLearning for Firm-specific procedures. Finally, we incorporate eLearning from third parties for some of the more generic topics. This video library has become an important resource for employees that enables them to defer spending time in training until it’s relevant.
Training & Help Desk Manager

Professional Development

LearningSite helps employees monitor and manage their professional development requirements.

The firm requires me to earn training credits each year. LearningSite keeps track of my deadlines, the credits I have earned, and the credits I need. It also suggests training events and videos that will help me earn my outstanding credits.

InstructorSite Request a demo

InstructorSite is the administrative platform for UniversitySite. It’s used by instructors and training managers to publish training events, videos, and learning plans, and to track user progress. Courses can be assigned to individuals by job title, manager, department, or practice group.

How our clients use InstructorSite:

Software rollout

During software rollouts, instructors and training managers can use InstructorSite to assign training, create schedules, organize and publish course content, monitor group and individual learner progress, and generate reports that track training activities, such as registration and completion.

When rolling out a new version of Office, training courses and videos are loaded into InstructorSite where we assign pre-rollout training to our users and determine if users have completed their training in preparation for the upgrade.
Desktop Technology Manager

HR Compliance

Education and training are key to ensuring employees are aware of and comply with federal and state laws that govern organizations. InstructorSite allows HR departments to assign compliance training and generate compliance reports.

At my firm there are videos employees are required to watch each year. We use UniversitySite to track who has watched them video and who hasn’t. We can even tell who has watched the entire video. This has been a huge time saver for the firm. We appreciate having a system that manages this process for us.
Manager, Human Resources

Classroom Training

InstructorSite provides tools for scheduling single-location, multi-location and online classes along with tracking rosters, waitlists, and attendance. Instructor schedules appear in Microsoft Outlook and on mobile devices. InstructorSite suggests which classes to schedule based on user’s needs and interests and automatically notifies users when classes they need are scheduled.

The trainers at our firm schedule and manage all of our training events in InstructorSite. The system is indispensable for coordinating both live in-person training events and online training events across all of our offices. InstructorSite automatically notifies trainers of their training schedule and integrates with Outlook to keep their calendars up to date.
Learning & Development Coordinator

Professional Development

InstructorSite helps Professional Development Managers keep track of program participation and user compliance. It provides tools for tracking yearly requirements and generating individual and group status reports.

Our firm requires employees to earn training credits each year for professional development. InstructorSite makes it easy to manage these programs and identify users who are at risk or who fall out of compliance.
Professional Development Manager

ManagerSite Request a demo

ManagerSite is part of the administrative platform for UniversitySite. Managers play an important role in the development of their employees and they use ManagerSite to monitor employee training activity and assign training.

How our clients use ManagerSite:

Monitoring Employee Activity

ManagerSite provides easy access to the information managers need to stay on top of their employees’ development including to employee training history, assignments, and compliance status.

I manage the Legal Staff at my firm and I really needed to see how much and what kind of training my employees were participating in. ManagerSite allows me to do just that without bothering with cumbersome reports. I can check employees upcoming training events anytime anyplace even on my phone.
Legal Manager

Assigning Training

ManagerSite allows managers to assign training to their employees and track their progress.

We developed some curriculum for my practice area and I really wanted everyone from my team to watch the videos. I was able to assign the videos to my team and view their progress very easily.

Performance Reviews

ManagerSite provides essential information for preparing for performance reviews.

I meet with each of my employees annually to review their learning history and plot a course for professional development. ManagerSite makes it easy for me to retrieve their learning achievements including the courses and plans they completed.
Legal Practice Manager

SharePoint Learning Kit Request a demo

The SharePoint Learning Kit is a set of web parts for Microsoft SharePoint that enables many of UniversitySite's features to be embedded into SharePoint.

How Our Clients Are Using the SharePoint Learning Kit:

SharePoint as an LMS

The SharePoint Learning Kit enables SharePoint to function as a learning and development platform by pushing many of UniversitySite’s features into your SharePoint environment.

Our intranet is built on SharePoint, so our users are already familiar with its look and feel. Our strategy for new apps is to embed them in SharePoint whenever possible. UniversitySite's integration with SharePoint allowed us to create a seamless environment for our employees.
SharePoint Administrator

Providing learning resources where users expect to find them

The SharePoint Learning Kit surfaces learning opportunities throughout SharePoint, pushing learning materials to Intranet pages that users frequently visit, increasing their exposure.

Our Intranet has pages for each office, pages for each department, and pages for each practice area. UniversitySite’s integration with SharePoint makes it possible for us to side-bar videos, training events, and other learning resources on the practice area page for litigation support. We discovered side-barring learning resources on existing pages was important for two reasons: We could increase the use of our training resources by distributing them across existing pages where employees would expect to find them. We could increase participation in voluntary training, by advertising training on pages frequently visited.
Manager of Information Technology

SharePoint Search / Enterprise Search

The SharePoint Learning Kit seamlessly integrates SharePoint Search with UniversitySite resources such as upcoming live training, webcasts, eLearning modules, and videos, and then enables users to register for classes and view eLearning directly from within SharePoint.

We learned that our employees are increasingly relying on ‘Search’ for navigating our Intranet. When we discovered that employees were searching the Intranet for training and not finding any, we saw an opportunity. UniversitySite’s integration with SharePoint made it possible for employees to find learning resources using SharePoint search.
IT Director

Exhibits Request a demo

Exhibits brings a new approach to video learning for your firm’s leaders... specifically, your attorneys. Your firm hires smart people and Exhibits aims to be relevant and useful to the best and the brightest, busy on the move attorneys at your firm -- and staff too!

How to use Exhibits:

Security Awareness

Protecting your Firm's data is a top priority. Employees are often the biggest risk to data security. Exhibits includes security awareness videos to help employees understand the importance of and best strategies for protecting data.

Our attorneys appreciated that the security awareness videos were set in the context of a law firm with situations they could relate too.
Director of Security

Improving Efficiency

An attorney's time is valuable and getting them to the training room is almost impossible. That's why the videos in Exhibits are short and to the point.

I’ve always wondered why spell check doesn’t always find all of the misspelled words in my documents, now I understand why and I know how to fix it.

Tech Tips

Exhibits includes dozens of short and informal videos, ideally suited for inclusion in Firm-internal newsletters.

Every few weeks we send an IT newsletter to all employees, sharing information about what's new and what's coming soon. We wanted an easy way to include a tech tip in each newsletter. With Exhibits, we can pick from topics ranging from security awareness, to printing in Excel, or scheduling meetings in Outlook.
IT Director
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SkillSite is a legal-specific assessment tool that allows firms to successfully implement assessments for employees and new hires. Assessments are available for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. The assessments target skill gaps and prescribe training based on those skill gaps. This methodology streamlines the training process by focusing on areas where users can improve their skills.

How Our Clients Are Using SkillSite:


The amount of training users receive during a rollout is limited. Using assessments after a rollout allows firms to identify and target both firm-wide and individual skill gaps, thereby minimizing the training time and resources required to close those gaps.

The training provided during our Office 2010 rollout was limited so we could complete the rollout in a shorter amount of time. As a result, we saw a significant jump in calls to our Help Desk. Now that the rollout is behind us we are using a much more strategic approach to identifying the training needs of our users.
Office Administrator

Improving Efficiency

The average rate of proficiency for legal document production is 64%. After completing targeted training based on assessment results, average proficiency rises to 95%.

The first time our users completed the Word assessment the average score was in the low 60’s. Since completing the prescribed training our users have been averaging scores in the 90's!
Director of Training


Technology standards are an issue when firms merge. After the new standards are agreed upon and established, firm-wide adoption becomes an issue. SkillSite helps level skill sets across the entire work force and increase user adoption of the new standards.

Ensuring everyone has a consistent skill set has fostered teamwork throughout entire the firm, promoted accountability, and provided users with confidence, knowing they can hand off workflow.
Regional Office Administrator

New Hires

Incorporating the assessments into the hiring process provides tangible evidence of the current skillset for each potential hire.

40% of what’s covered in other tests has nothing to do with working in the legal environment, and some key skills for the legal environment aren’t covered at all or are covered minimally.
Hiring Manager


Internal certification programs are an effective way to level set skills and improve productivity by setting standards of proficiency.

The Managing Partner at our firm got behind the idea of certifying our employees for legal document production. Each employee completed a baseline assessment. But, instead of focusing on the initial score, emphasis was put on the training needed to improve their score to 90% to certify. We have done this with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint and there is no denying that skills have improved dramatically using this approach.
Training Manager


By providing an accurate snapshot of organizational strengths and weaknesses, SkillSite identifies future training needs and provides the blueprint for a learning strategy, allowing firms to create training budgets based on facts and data, not guesswork.

We have reduced the amount of time users spend in training and optimized the utilization of our trainers because we can focus just on where the needs are.
Training Director

Boosting User Confidence

Most people are unable to accurately assess their own level of competence: People with lower skill levels tend to believe their skills are better than they are, and people with higher skill levels tend to underestimate themselves. This is known as the Dunning-Kruger effect. SkillSite gives an objective measure of a user’s competence and provides a roadmap to any needed improvement.

Although I wouldn’t admit it, I was pretty much sure that Word was just beyond me. And now earned my certification. It is just unbelievable!
Legal Secretary
All the hard work is paying off. The certifications have given so much confidence to the secretaries.
IS Trainer/Support Specialist
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ScormFly Request a demo

ScormFly is video conversion tool. Trainers can upload a video to the ScormFly website where it’s converted into SCORM-compliant eLearning that is viewable on any device.

How our clients use ScormFly:

Continuing Legal Education, CLE, MCLE

ScormFly is frequently used for compliance videos because it can keep track of whether or not users watch the entire video and it can pause periodically during playback to ensure users are present and attentive.

Our firm sponsors in-house CLE Programs for our attorneys and clients. Usually, one or more of our attorneys give a lecture on matters directly related to the practice of law, professional conduct or ethical obligations. For several years, we have recorded these lectures. With ScormFly we are able to convert the recordings into a format that is mobile compatible, track viewer progress, and award CLE credits.
CLE Coordinator


Recorded webinars can be converted through ScormFly and shared on a variety of platforms.

We conduct internal webinars on various topics. The webinars are easily recorded, but the video files were too large to share via email and it’s nearly impossible to generate a report of who watched them. These problems were solved by loading the recordings into ScormFly and then publishing them for sharing and tracking purposes in UniversitySite.
Manager of Technology

Mobile learning

ScormFly videos can be viewed not only on a desktop or laptop but also on iPad, iPhone, tablets, Android, etc.

Employees want to be able to view training videos on their mobile devices. We load them into ScormFly and it converts them into mobile compatible videos. Employees can start videos at the office, and if they're interrupted, they can resume playback later –even from a mobile device.
Manager, Learning and Development

Saving time

Because ScormFly supports the ability to adjust the playback rate, users can watch videos in less time. Automatic bookmarking allows users to pick up where they left off. If the video is broken up into chapters, users can jump to a specific part of the video.

Shortly after publishing our first video with ScormFly we started getting feedback that viewers really appreciated the ability to speed up the playback rate. Some users felt that they could save time and be more productive while others found the videos to be more engaging and better able to hold their attention.
Director of Professional Development

PowerPoint synchronization

No need to present just the speaker or just the slideshow: ScormFly lets you synchronize the video of the presentation with the PowerPoint slides. The user can view the presentation and the slides side-by-side or focus on one or the other while they’re watching.

We use our video conferencing system to record live presentations, but users complained that they couldn’t read the PowerPoint slides that were projected on the screen behind the speaker, so we started uploading the video recordings into ScormFly where we can synchronize the PowerPoint slides to playback alongside the video. It’s a little bit of extra work, but it’s worth it because the product we deliver to our users is so much better.
Application Training Manager
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