Videos for tech savvy attorneys and staff


Simply put, Exhibits is a series of YouTube inspired training videos. If you are skeptical of the power of video as a learning tool, consider what this 12 year old has to say about video.

Why videos? What’s wrong with eLearning?
The eLearning of a decade ago follows a specific formula of ‘show & tell’ (explaining click by agonizing click) followed by a ‘you try it’. This formula results in such a laborious user experience that eLearning courses are rarely completed unless they are mandated. The old formula lacks context, ease of use and humor.

What makes Exhibits different?

Attorneys and staff want how-to videos but only if they are covering relevant topics. The formula behind every Exhibits video starts with a scenario that adds relevance.
Some people will never be tech savvy and that's OK. Exhibits is geared for the tech savvy and those who have the potential to become tech savvy.
Tone & Humor
Attorneys often find eLearning to be boring and a waste of their precious time. Exhibits uses a less formal and more entertaining approach to reach them.
Time Matters
Exhibits are short and to the point. It’s intentional. We are always looking for opportunities to trim seconds from our videos.
What’s worse: too slow or too fast? We definitely feel, that "too slow" is worse. Wouldn’t it be better if users had to rewind to keep up instead of fast forwarding due to boredom?
Why Cartoons?
Law firm's do serious business and are run by serious people. We get it, but the use of illustrations and animations in our videos is strategic. Even so, we were surprised how receptive attorneys are to the illustrations and animations used in Exhibit videos. Illustrations allow us to add context and relevance. They allow us to present situations that attorneys can relate to. They allow us to incorporate fun, humor, sarcasm, real-life scenarios and produce content that people enjoy watching.

Design Guidelines and Philosophy
Exhibits has been designed with a strongly opinionated philosophy so the videos may not be for everyone. If you don't agree with philosophy listed below, Exhibits probably isn't for you.

  • Make it relevant to a law firm. Make sure attorneys and staff can relate. Answer the question: Why should I care?
  • Keep it light and fun --not overly serious. Don't repeat. Don't be fancy.
  • Keep it neat and clean. Use voice-overs, not closed caption text.
  • Keep it fast. Err on the side of too fast. Users can rewind and watch again.
  • Keep it short. Attention is limited, interruptions are constant. Cut out as much as possible, then cut out more.
  • Appeal to the savvy. Assume people are smart. It's OK to leave some behind.


Exhibits is and always will be in a state of development. Videos for many of the topics listed below are immediately available. Others are being developed in response to customer demand.

Security Awareness Topics
  • HIPAA and PHI basics
  • Business Associate Agreements
  • How to report a breach
  • Types of Breaches
  • Social Engineering
  • Email spoofing Phishing
  • Spear Phishing Malware Ransomware
  • Malicious links
  • Secure Passwords
  • Passphrases
  • Working outside the office
  • Wi-Fi risks
  • Internet and social media
  • Cloud storage and file transfer
  • International Travel
  • Multifactor Authentication
  • iPhone and iPad settings to improve security
  • Why law firms are targets
  • Protected info and laws
  • Securing Mobile Devices
  • Convenience over Compliance
  • Removable storage Encryption
  • Meta data
  • Firm Physical environment
Outlook Topics
  • Show or hide the Reading Pane
  • Activate spell check for all messages
  • Create email signature
  • Create and modify Categories
  • Applying Categories
  • Create automatic replies
  • Disable automatic replies
  • Create and send email
  • Delete an Autocomplete entry
  • Show or hide the Bcc field
  • Save and retrieve a draft email
  • Attach files in email
  • Send document links
  • Set the sensitivity of a message
  • Set a Flag reminder for a recipient
  • Track an email message
  • Insert a signature
  • Check the spelling of email messages
  • Open and read email messages
  • Reply to email messages
  • Forward email messages
  • Open and save attachments
  • Sort email messages
  • Arrange email in Groups
  • Arrange email by Conversation
  • Search for email with attachments
  • Narrow a search
  • Expand a search
  • Use Flags for follow up
  • Create Search folders
  • Create folders
  • Move email into a folder
  • Create Quick Steps
  • Use Quick Steps
  • Create Rules
  • Edit Rules
  • Delete Rule
  • Add a rule to an automatic reply
  • Create new contact entries from an email
  • Change View of the contacts folder
  • Create a new internal contact
  • Edit contact entries
  • Search for contacts
  • Flag contacts
  • Create Contact Groups
  • Send messages to Contact Groups
  • Expand a Contact Group
  • Modify a Contact Group
  • Share a contact
  • View Calendars
  • Navigate through the Calendar
  • Change the Calendar view
  • Create appointments
  • Create meeting requests
  • Use the Scheduling Assistant
  • Track meeting responses
  • Create recurring meetings
  • Change the end date of a recurring meeting
  • Find meetings
  • Reschedule meetings
  • Cancel meetings
  • Respond to meeting requests
  • Change response to meeting requests
  • Propose a new meeting time
  • Open a shared Calendar
  • Set up a meeting on someone’s behalf
  • Remove a Calendar from view
  • Create tasks using the Task form
  • Create tasks from an email
  • Edit recurring tasks
  • Mark task as complete
  • Accept or decline tasks
  • Change the task view
  • Send an email on someone’s behalf
  • Add the From field
Word Topics
  • Check the spelling and grammar
  • Search for and replace repetitive text
  • Cut and copy text Paste unformatted text
  • Insert a footnote
  • Modify footnote format
  • Modify the footnote text style
  • Insert an AutoText entry
  • Insert a table
  • Convert text to a table
  • Apply paragraph styles in a table
  • Insert rows and columns in a table
  • Delete rows and columns from a table
  • Change width of columns in a table
  • Move rows and columns
  • Merge cells in a table
  • Repeat a table heading on subsequent pages
  • Use borders in a table
  • Apply shading in a table
  • Use decimal tabs in a table
  • Position a table on a page
  • Allow rows to break across pages
  • Create a style Modify a style
  • Apply a style according to its purpose
  • Add a style to the Style Gallery
  • Apply a Style Set
  • Apply a Heading style
  • Modify a Multilevel List
  • Modify Heading Styles
  • Build a table of contents using Heading styles
  • Specify Heading levels to include in a TOC
  • Select styles to include in a TOC
  • Assign a TOC level to a corresponding style
  • Modify a table of contents
  • Insert table of contents
  • Set margins
  • Use next page section break
  • Set page orientation
  • Insert page numbering in the footer
  • Use the Alignment tab for page numbers
  • Modify page number format
  • Use a different first page header or footer
  • Modify the header or footer
  • Apply Normal style to all section breaks
  • Control where text breaks across pages
Excel Topics
  • Insert and delete a worksheet
  • Name a worksheet
  • Move a worksheet
  • Copy a worksheet
  • Enter and edit text in cells
  • Insert rows and columns
  • Delete rows and columns
  • Change widths of columns
  • Copy and paste data
  • Freeze rows and columns
  • Apply font formatting
  • Apply/remove borders
  • Apply shading Center a cell across columns
  • Apply horizontal alignment
  • Apply Wrap Text
  • Apply a Date format
  • Apply a currency style
  • Apply the Percentage format
  • Apply a Special number format
  • Hide a column or row
  • Unhide a column or row
  • Use the SUM function
  • Subtract numbers in columns and rows
  • Divide numbers in columns and rows
  • Multiply numbers in columns and rows
  • Auto Fill a formula
  • Copy and paste a formula
  • Apply the Format as table to data
  • Sort Data Filter Data
  • Create a chart
  • Modify values to an existing chart
  • Set or clear a print area
  • Set page orientation
  • Insert a page break
  • Add a header/footer
  • Create a custom header/footer
  • Set row(s) to repeat as headings
  • Center print area on a page
  • Adjust the scale of a worksheet
  • Print gridlines
PowerPoint Topics
  • Apply a Theme
  • Change the color scheme
  • Change the Theme font
  • Change the Theme effects
  • Change the Theme Background Style
  • Hide background for a slide
  • Modify the Slide Master
  • Add a Section
  • Move a Section
  • Collapse Sections Expand Sections
  • Rename a Section
  • Remove all Sections
  • Insert slides
  • Add text to a placeholder
  • Change slide layout
  • Use the Slide Sorter
  • View Navigate to slides using Views
  • Delete a slide
  • Copy a slide
  • Move a slide
  • Edit a Header or Footer
  • Replace repetitive text
  • Select all text in a placeholder
  • Cut and Copy text
  • Working with bulleted lists
  • Using AutoFit Text
  • Split text across slides
  • Insert a table
  • Insert a chart
  • Modify chart elements
  • Resize a placeholder
  • Insert a picture
  • Reset a picture
  • Change a picture
  • Insert a video clip
  • Trim a video clip
  • Insert shapes
  • Add text to shapes
  • Format shapes
  • Selecting Multiple Objects
  • Align shapes
  • Distribute shapes
  • Group shapes
  • Ungroup shapes
  • Insert a text box
  • Insert an organization chart
  • Add to an organization chart
  • Delete from organization chart
  • Promote or demote on organization chart
  • Add slide transition
  • Remove slide transition
  • Apply animation to an object
  • Apply animation to bulleted items
  • Change animation on bulleted items
  • Viewing animations
  • Add/Edit Speakers Notes
  • Check spelling in a presentation
  • Print using "Print Layout" options


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