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UniversitySite Key Features

Designed for Law Firms

Many of the Nation’s leading law firms have implemented UniversitySite as an integral part of their learning strategy to improve employee skills and develop knowledge and expertise, enabling firms to manage training across all offices and provide a single point of entry to instructor-led training, eLearning, compliance programs, and content management.


UniversitySite seamlessly blends training and development opportunities from Information Technology, Professional Development, and Human Resources into a single unified learning center for attorneys and staff.

The Learning Center

UniversitySite identifies the relevant learning content for each employee and provides a personalized learning center where employees can find materials of interest without being distracted by those that are not relevant. Through the learning center, employees can confidentially review their learning plans that include specific learning requirements, expectations, and deadlines. Best of all, firm management can monitor group and individual progress as employees work their way through learning plan completion.

Calendar & Catalog

UniversitySite utilizes a centralized catalog for all instructor-led and eLearning courses and makes these available across all offices. Each office can select courses from the catalog to populate its own calendar of events. Employee training calendars are automatically filtered by their location and by the employee groups to which they belong.


InstructorSite, the administrative platform for UniversitySite, is where training resources are assigned and scheduled, and course content is cataloged and posted. InstructorSite is also used to monitor both group and individual learner progress, and provides access to reports that track training activities, registration, and completion.