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Learning Management Made Simple.

UniversitySite Benefits

Choosing the right learning management system can be a daunting task. It’s crucial to know the difference between what firms find useful in the real world and what appears useful in theory. Unlike other learning management systems, UniversitySite is a browser-based enterprise application that leverages existing infrastructure and integrates with existing applications commonly found in law firms.

Learner Benefits

  • Login credentials are passed to UniversitySite automatically -there’s no login or password to remember
  • The catalog is automatically filtered to show courses that are relevant to each individual
  • Registration is fast and easy, with meeting requests automatically generated for Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes
  • Courses can be added to the wish list, so that learners are automatically notified when they become available
  • Learner progress is tracked against training programs and expectations

Instructor Benefits

  • Training administration is reduced, maximizing instructor classroom time
  • The Catalog is a centralized resource, available to all offices in the firm
  • SCORM or AICC compliant eLearning can be added to the Catalog
  • Courses can be audience and department specific
  • Wish lists identify which courses need to be scheduled according to learner interest and needs
  • Seating capacities and stand-by lists are managed for each classroom event
  • Course materials can be associated with courses and made available to learners as they enroll in a class
  • Learning Plans can be based on a prescribed schedule of courses or on a credit-based goal

Firm Benefits

  • Powerful web application, built on the .Net framework and C#
  • Robust SQL data storage allows for custom reporting
  • AJAX based reports can be downloaded to Excel for “on-the-fly” analysis
  • Active Directory and HRIS integration automatically syncs employee data on a scheduled basis
  • Audiences are self-maintaining, based on information such as job title, location or department
  • Data collected from assessment can be converted to personalized learning plans for employees
  • New employee orientation (on-boarding) can be modularized and tracked through a Learning Plan
  • All learning, compliance, and performance initiatives are supported
  • Employees are empowered and workforce productivity is optimized